How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that was first established in 2003 with a primary mission to create a social network for professionals.

This platform is a cost-effective networking path as it provides both the free version and premium version to the users.

Apart from that, it’s not like every day one can meet an owner of a company or a higher-ranking people in society but on LinkedIn, you can connect or follow them.

By doing so one gets to see their updates, activities, and their opinions on factual topics. Therefore, people can be inspired to build their own skills and to be more insightful.

The features and functions of this platform are constantly enhanced to maximize the connectivity among the members of LinkedIn as it is LinkedIn s’ primary mission.

For instance, job seekers in LinkedIn can save jobs when scrolling through their feeds. This feature allows users to compare them later and to avoid leaving them out as they scroll through.

Here is how you can find and manage saved jobs on LinkedIn.

Steps to find saved jobs on LinkedIn

1. Open LinkedIn.
2. Select the “Jobs” option at the top of the homepage.
3. Then, click the “My Jobs” icon from the left panel and proceed to select the action you want to take with the saved jobs. There are four options “Apply”, “Send in a message”, “Copy Link” or “Un-save” the job to remove it from the list of saved jobs.

Commonly asked questions.

Question: How can I edit the job I posted on LinkedIn?

Answer: Go to the LinkedIn page, click on the “Jobs” icon at the top of the homepage. Then, click the “Manage job posts” option and find the job you want to edit from the list. Click the three-dot “More” icon. Select the “Edit” option in the section of the application you want to edit. After the changes are made click “Continue” to save the changes made on the post.

Question: What happens when I withdraw an invitation?

What happens when I withdraw an invitation

Answer: The invitation sent previously will be deleted and, on the recipient’s side the user wouldn’t receive any notification on the invitation. However, if a message is sent along with the invitation there are chances for the user to receive it in their inbox.

Question: Can I connect my LinkedIn account to several Microsoft work or school accounts?

Answer: LinkedIn allows users to connect with several Microsoft work or school accounts if they are with a different organization. Therefore, users can connect their LinkedIn account to both work accounts.


LinkedIn provides a systematic and easy-to-use web and app interface for the members of LinkedIn. Therefore, using this platform to apply for jobs and keeping track of it is easy and effective.

To sign up for LinkedIn do visit this link.

Start building your career and professional relationship with LinkedIn as this platform has over 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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