How to enable usb debugging on android with android phone

Does your android phone have a broken screen? Assuming you want to transfer some work to your computer, how will you be able to enable USB debugging in your phone. Don’t worry, this article will help you get over it. Before we jump straight to the action, let’s first understand what we are dealing with.

What does enable USB debugging mean? In simple terms, this refers to the connection between the computer and your android device via a USB channel to access data from your phone to the computer. Getting your phone recognized as an external device by the computer is why we need to enable the USB debugging feature in your android phone. Under normal circumstances, we are used to turning on the USB debugging feature in the phone once connected to the PC.

Since we are dealing with broken screen, how do we enable USB debugging in the phone? Below are some of the steps and methods we can use:

Use of USB OTG and a mouse control

Use of USB OTG and a mouse control

Since your phone has a broken screen that cannot function fully other than displaying, this method is well fit to enable USB debugging.



Before you use this method, make sure that your phone can support OTG. The mouse will control the phone to enable the debugging feature. These are the steps you will follow:

  • step 1: Lay all the materials on the table for arrangement.
  • step 2: Connect your android phone with a USB OTG cable to a PC mouse.
  • step 3: To confirm whether your connection is working, right click the mouse for any change. If your phone unlocks, your connection is good.
  • step 4: After unlocking your phone, proceed to the settings in your phone and turn ON USB debugging.
  • step 5: You can now proceed and connect your android phone to your computer via a USB port and your device will function as an external device.
  • step 6: Open your PC and scroll down to your android phone to open the folders that you want to use.

Suppose your android’s phone screen was blank, how will you have controlled the phone using a mouse? In this case, you mirror your android app on the PC to turn on the USB debugging.

Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Commands.

Only those with computer knowledge are allowed to perform this method. Many people call it fast boot method. This bridge acts as a link to your PC.

Follow the steps below to use this method:

Boot your android mobile phone to ClockwordMod Recovery mode. To do so, press your power button and hold it + home+ volume up/down. This may vary a bit depending on the type of phone you are using.

  • Confirm whether your ADB is running by looking if the Recovery process has ended.
  • Load your command prompt and type, “adb services”
  • Confirm that you are backing up all your data. ” adb pull /data/ media/ Clockwork Mod /back up~/Desktop/ Android-up

Just a reminder: If you don’t have computer knowledge, try not to use this method because you may destroy your phone.

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