How to draw lines in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the prominent and widely used word processing software developed by Microsoft. Ever since first it was released as Multi-Tool Word this software has evolved, and the user interface was constantly improved for a better user experience.

This software is available in Office 365 and can also be bought as a standalone product. The Microsoft Word features and functions allow users to create various outputs. Moreover, it provides a wide range of templates for users to edit and customize documents based on their preferences.

Microsoft Word provides a wide option of toolbars at the top of the page for users to pick and edit conveniently. The toolbar in the ribbon allows the users to be creative with the document they are creating. Where users can customize the font color and size, page layout, paragraph style, insert images and shapes etc.

There are multiple options provided for each tool in Microsoft Word. For instance, to insert a line there are many options to customize the line before adding it to your document. Want to find out more on how to do that? Check out the steps to Insert a line in Microsoft Words.

Steps to Insert a line in Microsoft Words

1. Click the Insert tab.
2. Then click on the dropdown arrow of the Shapes option.
3. Select the type of line you are looking for to insert.
4. Next, to draw a line connecting shapes, on the first shape, place your cursor over the shape or object to which you want to attach the connector.
5. Once the connection dots appear at the edges of the shape drag the cursor to a connection dot on the second shape you want to connect.
6. Then, click on the line to edit the color, style, and thickness of the line.

How to fix the missing toolbar issue in Microsoft Words?

_How to fix the missing toolbar issue in Microsoft Words

To unhide the Ribbon Display at the top-right corner, select the Ribbon Display Options icon. Then select the “Show tabs and commands” option for the ribbon to be always visible

How can I insert a line without having to drag a line with my cursor?

To insert a straight line place the cursor where you want the line to be then type a few hyphens (-) and press enter.
How can I make dashes?

To create a dashed line first insert the line, check out the steps to Insert a line in Microsoft Words. Then, double click on the line you created and go to the ribbon and tap on the dropdown arrow of the shapes style section. Next select one of the dashed lines from the options.


The tools to insert different types of lines is important as this tool helps a lot to create graphics like mind maps easily. Mind maps are commonly used in various documents such as research papers and notes etc.

Other then that lines can also be used for graph explanations check out this page for more details How to make a graph in Microsoft word. Moreover, the user interface of Microsoft Word makes it easier for users to explore and apply all the tools.

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