How to do small caps in google docs?

Google has recently updated the web version of Google Docs. Adding a function that could be useful to those who write a lot. In fact, you can convert the text to uppercase or lowercase according to your needs. In this article, I will write How to do small caps in google docs?

How to do small caps in google docs?

This is a function that can be useful for those who write several abbreviations and prefer to write everything very quickly to pass later to the formatting. Manually converting the text to uppercase or lowercase depending on the context.

To small caps a text, you must first open Google Docs and open the page’s text on which you want to small caps the text.

You need to look at the top bar of the page. You can see that there is an option on the left side called Format. Now you have to click the Format to do small caps in google docs

When you click on the Format button, a feature will come out. You can see above that feature. There is another option called Text. You have to click on that Text option. Then you can see the Capitalization option, click on it.

The function is only available in the Web version and is applicable, after selecting a portion of text, by accessing the Format> Text> Capitalization. At this point, it will be sufficient to choose between lowercase, uppercase, and Title to do small caps in google docs

You need to click the lowercase to do small caps of the text.

If the first two items do exactly what they say, the last one works differently than we might think. The menu speaks of “Capital Initial” but in reality, the function transforms the initials of all words into capital letters, unlike what you might believe. Probably it is a translation error since in the English version the item is called Title Case and makes it clear exactly what its function is.

That’s it. Hope you get it.

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