How to do a subscript in google docs?

When we use Google Docs, it uses different types of text, sometimes arithmetic numbers. But when we want to express this number in mathematical form. It is very difficult to type the text or number subscript. But you can write it very easily in google docs by using the subscript option. Here is the way How to do a subscript in google docs?

How to do a subscript in google docs?

Writing in Google Docs is very easy and simple. Because it has many options that you can use to type the text you like.
If you want to write Google Docs to solve math problems then it is very easy to write because there is an option called subscript and superscript which makes it easy to write mathematical formulas.

Who often needs to subscript texts because when we are writing mathematical problems or mathematical formulas, we need to subscript a lot of numbers.

Below is a screenshot of how to do this if you want to subscript a mathematical formula or arithmetic number.
To subscript a text, you must first open Google Docs and open the page on which you want to subscript the text.
After opening Google Docs, you can see the text you want to subscript.

You need to look at the top bar of the page. You can see that there is an option on the left side called Formathow to do a subscript in google docs6-1-min  Now you have to click the Format button. When you click on the Format button, a feature will come out. You can see above that feature. There is another option called Text. You have to click on that Text option.

As soon as you click on the text button or move your mouse pointer over the text structure, another feature will open. You can see in the bottom row of the feature that there is a button called Subscript Option. Now all you have to do is click on that button.

That’s it.

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