How to do a hanging indent in google docs?

When I want to write a story or write a story, it has many paragraphs. If I want to move one of those lines a little, I have to create a hanging indent, and Google Docs is the best. Now I will tell you how to do a hanging indent in google docs.

I usually write blogs in Google Docs because it saves articles and I can easily find them when I need them.

How to do a hanging indent in google docs?

Setting up Google Docs is not a very difficult task as it is very easy to make any line or paragraph hanging indent.

To select any type of text, first, I need to click on the View in margin ber. Notice the features that I can see, there is an option called Show to do a hanging indent in google docs-Untitled-min Click on it.

After selecting the line I want to indent. It is very easy to Indentation it by moving the ruler on the page bar.
Moving the ruler that increases the margin from left to right will make the text invincible.

You can write that your job is done, that is. You have done what you wanted to do.

It is easy to say that whenever I indent any text, the ruler pulls from left to right as much as it needs to. In the screenshot below you can understand how I do to do a hanging indent in google docs-Untitled1-min

Hanging indent using Google Docs Ruler is very easy. You can do it if you want. It can be done any other way but using a ruler can be done very easily. I usually use a ruler to indent any line. You can try the method.

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If you like or don’t like the method, you can let us know by commenting. We will write another method in the next post.

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