How to disconnect with someone on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks with almost 800 million members across the world.

This platform was developed in 2003 primarily focusing on professional networking and career development.

Where job seekers can post their CVs and one of the interesting features is that previous employers or mentors can endorse the skills listed in the profile of a job seeker.

On the other hand, employers can post jobs through this platform as well. The feature and functions of the LinkedIn have been enhanced ever since it was launched for a better and engaging platform.

In this platform users can connect which other users and follow each other to view each other’s profile, posts and send private messages.

Therefore, it is possible for users to have bad experience with other users in this platform. However, to avoid further problems LinkedIn has created options for users to disconnect with someone on LinkedIn. 

Steps to disconnect with someone in LinkedIn through their profile page

1. Open LinkedIn
2. Navigate to the connection’s profile.
3. Click the “More” option in the introduction section.
4. Then, select the “Remove Connection”.

Steps to remove connection from the list of connection page

1. Open LinkedIn
2. Select the “My Network” icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
3. Click “Connections” options on the left panel.
4. Click the “More” icon next to the connection you’d like to remove and click Remove connection.
5. Click “Remove” from the Remove Connection pop-up window.

Commonly asked questions

Question: Is LinkedIn free?

Answer: LinkedIn provides both the free and premium version. The premium version has additional functions and features compare to the free version

Question: What are first, second and third connections referred to in LinkedIn?

Answer: First connections refer to the direct connections. While the second connection users are connections of your connection. The third connections LinkedIn users who are connected to the second connections.

Question: What does outside your network mean?

What does outside your network mean

Answer: Outside your network refers to the LinkedIn users who neither your first, second or third connection.

Question: How can I see all my connection?

Answer: To see the list of connections, Click the “My Network” option at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.

Question: How can I Report someone I don’t know?

Answer: Click the “My Networks” icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. Then click the “Ignore” option to remove invitation from that specific person. When the pop-up window appears in the bottom left corner of your screen click “I don’t know this person” option.


LinkedIn is one of the prominent apps among employers and job seekers as this app provides an engaging user interface for the users to get the opportunity to know people virtually.

Apart from that, this platform also allows job seekers to apply more jobs compare to walking in and dropping CVs in companies.

However, users must be careful in accepting strangers’ connection requests it is advised to view their profiles and mutual connections before accepting requests. 

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