How To Delete Sent MESSAGES on Android

Sending and receiving messages has been your thing.  Continuous accumulation of these messages in your phone will take a lot of space. Hanging onto photos and video attachments is one of the devices’ features. Is your phone’s storage full? Do you want to create some space? Well, this article will help you know how you can delete sent messages.

Just like opening a bottle using a bottle opener, deleting text messages is usually a very simple task one can do at a short time. There are different ways in which you can select and delete text messages on android phone.

Method 1: Using the android messaging app

This app is found almost in every android smartphone. To use this app accordingly, this is the guide:

  • On start, open the messaging threads to select some of the text you want to delete.
  • To select more texts, scroll down the messages list and select the messages that you want to delete.
  • To highlight the message on your android phone, you need to tap and hold your finger on the text you want to delete.
  • At the top of the screen, there is a screen pop out action bar that will disappear once you tap on the garbage can icon.

Because our android smartphones don’t support the multi-delete feature. So, the phone doesn’t have the ability to allow more than one message to be deleted at once. Instead, one can be allowed to select a single message by long pressing on the message of your choice and delete it once at a time.

Deleting messaging threads

Deleting messaging threads

The number of text messages you have in your phone, the longer it takes to delete the entire conversations. Deleting one message at a time is time consuming and tiring. Therefore, you will have to delete the old messages in your phone as you will be creating more space.

This action helps you keep your text messaging app clean and with a good shape and appearance in terms of storage and cleanliness. Any new text from friends can now be viewed without a problem.

If you want to delete a thread, you must follow the steps below:

  • On your phone’s screen, press and hold on the thread you wish to delete from the main messaging app. Once you do this, a checkmark will appear on top of the photo icon for texting. Similarly, at the right upper part of your screen, another action bar will appear.
  • Finally, tap on the trash option displayed on the screen to delete the selected message.

Use of Textra.

Are you trying to delete every message on your phone?  Well, of you are trying to delete every single message that might appear to be on your phone, this might be tiring and hectic since you might find a scenario where the user has a lot of messages to work with.

  • One can download this app on any android device. Go to your play store app and search the “Textra app”. Tap on the download button and install the app.
  • Once you have installed your app, open the app and set it as your default messaging app.
  • Doing so will trigger an automatic adjustment that allows all your current texts to be synced on the new messaging app.
  • Remember that for every message you delete on this app it will also be deleted on your phone’s default messaging app.

In appearance, Textra has nearly the identical layout and design of Android Messages, with two main advantages: complete and total customization, and additional options and settings not offered through the Android Messages app.

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