How to delete extra page in google docs?

When we type in Google Docs, it gets saved. At one point, we found that a lot of what we got in Google Docs was stored, many of which we don’t need. And many times we have trouble finding the necessary files, which is why we need to delete the necessary files. We can’t delete it because we know how to delete it. But now time to know how to delete extra page in google docs?

How to delete extra page in google docs?

Everything we write on Google is stored there and we can delete any page we want from there. Deleting from Google Docs is a very simple thing that you can do easily.

If you want to delete unnecessary extra pages from Google Docs, you need to follow the instruction below.

  • 1st Way

The first thing you need to do is open Google Drive and then decide which file you don’t need. After selecting the extra page, there is an icon called Trash on the top right side. All you have to do is click on the Trash button how to delete extra page in google docs1and this page will be deleted completely. If you want to bring back your deleted page file, just press the Control + Z key and it will come back.

  • 2nd Way

You can also delete extra pages from Google using your computer or laptop keyboard. All you have to do is select the extra pages first and then click the Delete key button on your to delete extra page in google docs2

  • 3rd Way

Another way you can delete your extra Google Docs pages. First, select which extra page you don’t need and then click the right mouse button to see a feature. There is an option called “Remove” below that feature. Clicking on it to delete extra pages from google docs. how to delete extra page in google docs3That’s it.

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