How to delete chats on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a widely-used communication platform launched by Microsoft. This software was first release as one of the apps provided under Office 365 but now it can also be bought as a standalone product. This software provides various options to communicate, and it is used as main communication platform by many organizations and offices.

That is because it provides multiple options to carry out various tasks under one software. For instance, users can share files to a team, have an instant meeting or scheduled meetings, one on one chats and group chats etc. Microsoft Teams provides one on one chat and group chat platforms that allows to communicate with other user or users.

In this platform Microsoft Teams allows the messages sent to be deleted, edited, or undo a deleted message. This function is vital and helpful as this software is commonly used by organizations and companies, so this option allows user to unsend if they have sent any wrong files or typos. The steps to delete messages in Microsoft Teams are quite easy and convenient. Here are the steps.

Steps to delete chats in Microsoft Teams

 1. Go to Microsoft Teams.

 2. Select on the “chats”.

 3. However, the cursor over the message dialog that you want to delete and click on the three dots

4. Then click the “delete” option. Finally, the message would be deleted.

Most asked questions.

Questions: Why can’t I delete Microsoft Teams message?

Answers: This could happen due to a few reasons. First possibility is that the admin of the group may have disabled this function for you. That is because some companies remove this ability to ensure transparency. Other that that, this could also happen due to the Microsoft Teams guest account feature limited permissions

Questions: Can I delete the whole chat conversations in Microsoft Teams?

Answers: No, you can’t however u can choose other alternatives like to hide the chats and mute the chats.

Questions: Does deleting a message in Teams delete it for everyone?

Answers: Yes, deleting your message in Microsoft Teams will remove it from the chat and be replaced with a note saying that the message have been deleted.  

Questions: How to delete a chat message in Microsoft Teams’ mobile app?

Answers: Open Microsoft Teams in your mobile, then navigate to the chat message you wish to delete and long press the message dialog. Finally click “delete message” option.


Deleting a specific message is allowed in Microsoft Teams to avoid embarrassment but users can only delete their own message and a specific message dialog as they cannot delete the whole chat. This feature can be applied for both one on one chats and groups chats.

However, in 2021 it was reported that Microsoft is allowing supervisors to delete chats in Microsoft Teams.

This is due to the pandemic and frequent lockdowns around the world resulting in education activities mostly conducted in online platforms like Microsoft Teams. Therefore, this action is intended  to protect children from offensive languages.

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