How to Delete a Photo on Instagram

You upload an image on your Instagram account but you don’t like the image there. You want to delete the photo from Instagram using iPhone or Android device.

It’s not so hard to do recently Instagram launce a new feature, which allows the user to delete single or multiple photos.

Today in this guide we will show you how to delete a photo on Instagram. Hope this step-by-step guide helps you delete the photo from Instagram.

To know the whole process stay with us until the guide finish. So let’s check this out.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram

Before starting this guide you need to log in to your Instagram account. If already log in then follow the next step.

First, open your Instagram app on your device and click the profile icon at the right-down menu bar.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram

After pressing the profile icon it’s open your profile and here select the photo you want to delete.

At this stage just click the three-dot icon upper the image you previously select.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram

Now a pop-up comes up here you need to click the Delete option from the grid.

It will ask once again that are you sure you want to delete this post. Just click the red sign Delete key.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram

That’s it you delete the photo a few seconds ago. Tell us how easy this guide is.


Hope now you will be able to delete photos from your Instagram account. If you have any doubt then tell us in the comment box.

We will try to solve your problem till then take care of yourself.


How to Hide Photo from Instagram?

It’s not a big task, first go to your Instagram account. Then press on the profile icon it takes you to the grid view menu.

Here you need to select the image you want to hide. Then click the three-dot icon and select Archive. Now your image hides from your account.

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