How to delete a page on google docs?

Deleting pages from Google Docs is not rocket science. After reading this article, you can easily delete pages from Google Docs. Now you can see how to delete a page on google docs.

How to delete a page on google docs?

We often write a lot of information in Google Docs and save it. There is some unnecessary information in it which we don’t want to use later. We want to delete it. Deleting from Google Docs is a very simple thing that you can do easily. The following screenshot shows how you can easily delete your unwanted pages from Google Docs.

In the screenshot below you can see that there are several pages. From there you have to select which page you don’t need or click on it with the left mouse to delete a page on google docs 2-1-min

First, you need to look at all of your files to determine which file you want to delete. Select that page file.

how to delete a page on google docs2-2-min

Then you look at the top of the right side of Google Docs, there is a picture of Trashhow to delete a page on google docs2-3-minJust click on it and you will see that your page has been deleted. If you want to bring back your deleted page file, just press the Control + Z key and it will come back.

Another way you can delete your unnecessary Google Docs pages is to determine or select which file you don’t need and then click the right mouse button to see a feature. There is an option called “Remove” below that to delete a page on google docs1-min Clicking on it will easily delete your unnecessary page.

If you want to delete your page’s text in Google Docs, you must first select the file and then open it. After opening the page, select the text you want to delete or the paragraph you want to delete, then press the delete button or backspace to see if your text has been deleted.

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I hope now you know deleting a page from Google Docs is a very simple and easy thing to learn by reading this article.

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