How to delete a blank page on google docs?

Are you looking for a solution How to delete a blank page on google docs? In this article, I will tell you all about it. In Google Docs we write a lot of information and add a lot of pictures. Can be returned directly to the original context.

How to delete a blank page on google docs?

Here’s how to easily delete an unwanted or blank page from Google Docs. And that’s what needs to be done
First, you need to Log in to Google Drive then highlight or select the page you want to delete. Then click on the Delete/Remove icon in the Google Drive Tools bar. Then the articles or documents will be deleted.

how to delete a blank page on google docs1

2nd Way

Another way you can delete a blank page from Google Drive is to first select the black page, then right-click on the page with the mouse pointer. A feature called Remove will appear. There is an option to click on it, then a blank page will be to delete a blank page on google docs2

A third method is discussed below

Select the blank page you want to delete. Then use the keyboard on the computer and press the Delete button on the keyboard then the page will be deleted. And if you want to bring this page back then you can bring back the deleted page by pressing control plus y (Ctrl+Y).

Now we will know how to do that if you want to delete the page you have to go to the next second page after writing a page. All you have to do is write the first of the two pages and delete the text of the next page, then press the backspace and the second page will be deleted.

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