How to create a team in Microsoft Teams

How to create a team in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a built-in communication-based product of Microsoft that was first introduced under Office 365 and now it can also be bought as a standalone product. The usage of this software has escalated ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started around the world as this software allows people to stay in touch for various purposes especially education and work.

This software provides various online services through its wide range of features under one software. The features of this software have been evolving and constantly improvised to provide a better user experience. Microsoft Teams multiple options of communication channels such as direct calls, live video calls, one-to-one chats and group chats etc.

Teams in Microsoft Teams refers to the process of grouping a group of users under one channel to make communications easier. That is because when a group of staff of the same department in an office is grouped in one channel sending messages and instructions are convenient.

Moreover, it is less time-consuming as the head of the department or the leader wouldn’t have to send messages to everyone separately. Therefore, this feature of Microsoft Teams has attracted companies and organizations to choose this platform as their daily communication platform.

Here are the steps to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

Ways to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams.
Step 2: Go to the Activity page and click the “create a team” option.
Step 3: Then choose the team type either “Class”, “Professional Learning Community”, “Staff” or “Others”.
Step 4: In the following page type the name of the group and add in your description to let people know the purpose of the team in the specific space provided.
Step 5: Next, choose the options of privacy provided and there will be an option below to choose an existing team as a template.
Step 6: Proceed to click Next after the above options are settled.
Step 7: To add new members go to the team list and click “More options” then click “Add members”.
Step 8: Then, type the new members name or type their email address if they are from outside of your organization and click “Add.”

Most asked questions

Questions: What Are teams?

Answers: Team channels are places where everyone on the team can have open conversations.

Questions: Can I add someone outside of the organization into the team and how?

Answers: Yes, you can just proceed to click the “Add members” option and type their email address to add them into the team

Questions: How to start a team meeting instantly?

Answers: First go to Calendar from your Teams page then select “Meet Now” option in the upper right corner. Then click “Join now” option.

Microsoft Teams provides and easy to use and clear user interface so using this software for daily basis is convenient and less time consuming.

Apart from that, Microsoft Teams provides features and functions that helps users to create teams to share files, start an instant meeting and to chat with the members. This feature helps the members to stay updated and productive.

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