How to Create a Google Photo Album

If you are an image lover and clicks more and more photos then there is a significant following step. Which is habitually ignored – Structured and archived.

Google photos is a best option for Savings, forming, and clipping photos and videos. It’s not so hard to create.

Google photos is honestly frank and easy to handle. We are here to guide you.

This ultimate tutorial will show you how you can create a Google photo album simply. So let’s shape it.

How to Create a Google Photo Album

At first you need to log in into your Google account, then go to Tap on Albums option on the left side.

How to Create a Google Photo Album

Then tap the blue color icon below the words Create album.

How to Create a Google Photo Album

Title your new album and press on Select photos or press on select from your computer to choose photos.

Finally you are finished then click on Done icon. Now you can share the album with your family and others.

How to Create a Google Photo Album


What is a Google photos album?

Google photos is an image sharing and keeping platform developed by Google. Here you can easily store your favorite moment without any cost.

The facility automatically evaluates photos, recognizing numerous visual structures and topics. Users back bone their pictures to the cloud facility, which is available to all devices.


Hope this simple guide will help you to create a Google photo album. Just follow the entire method and apply it.

Now you can store your favorite photos on photo album. Also this method will work when you create album in your mobile.

If you have any doubt then fell free to tell us in the comment section. We will try to answer you soon.

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