How to clear Microsoft Teams cache

How to clear Microsoft Teams cache

Office 365 is a suite of apps that provides various platforms for productivity especially in fields like education, work, and business. One of the software that is provided under Office 365 is Microsoft Teams which comes with various features that helps users to be more productive and organized.

This software is widely used in various organizations from different fields such as Offices and Schools.

That is due to the main features like online live meetings, scheduled meetings, group chats and private chats that is provided by Microsoft Teams allows people to connect.

Cache refers to the separate reserved storage space for temporary data to be placed that helps websites, browses and apps load faster. That is because it stores data for future use as it can be retrieved quickly when it is stored.

There are several types of cache and the common ones among them are the database cache, entry cache, Import cache and file system cache. These caches are advised to be cleaned for a better performance of the device or software as when the storage is full it causes frequent long loadings and pauses.

In order to remove these caches, the software has to be removed and relaunched.

Here are the steps to clear caches in Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Right click on the Microsoft Teams icon in the icon tray. (To close the Microsoft Teams)
Step 2: Then click the “Quit “option on the bottom.
Step 3: Then while holding the “windows” key from the keyboard press the “R” key from the keyboard as well.
Step 4: This will take you to the Windows Run then copy paste this link %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams into the box and click “OK.”
Step 5: Next locate the Teams file in your computer.
Step 6: Right click on the Teams folder and click the “Delete” option.
Step 8: Restart the computer.
Step 7: Finally, relaunch the Microsoft Teams.

Commonly asked questions

Question: Can clearing the cache in Microsoft Teams to make the software to run faster?

Answer: When there are too many caches it could cause the software to perform slower so clearing it will make the performance better.

Question: Is there a way to clear cache on Teams?

Answer: Yes, to clear cache sign out of your Microsoft team desktop then quit by right-clicking on the icon. Then on you keyboard hold the windows key simultaneously press R on keyboard. Next copy and paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in then Run and click OK. Finally, delete the Teams folder and relaunch Microsoft Teams.

Question: What is held in Microsoft team cache?

Answer: The cache in general contains local message history, thumbnails, Microsoft Teams display images, web client cache etc.

The cache can be dangerous if it gets to the hackers as it is a storage of various information including private information like personal details. Apart from that overload of caches in software could cause the device and software to perform slower. Therefore, removing it will be a safer choice and for a better performance.

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