How to change your caller id name on android

Do you make /receive call on your android device? Well, that’s a yes. Literally, anyone owning a mobile phone can say something of sought. The technology behind this process of receiving and making calls is known as Caller ID. This feature is present in all android devices to allow the phone to display the contacts on the people you are connecting to.

Having known the work of a caller ID, its time you get to know the types of calls we have. These types include:

  • Inbound calls: Refer to all receiving calls.
  • Outboundcalls: these are the dialed calls, when making a call.

Are you tired of the normal call number that appears on your screen when making a call or receiving a call? Have you ever tried to alter your Caller ID name or think of a way to change that name? Worry not; this article will help you all through.

Outgoing calls

Our android phones have three options that can be used to change the ID that people normally see on their screens when calling them. These options include:

  • Network Default: Under this option, you will get your phone number unless there is a way in which you can block it.
  • Show Number: This option will display your phone number normally.
  • Hide Number:Have you ever heard if a private number? Well, this is the option that hides your phone number by displaying a “Private Number” notification rather than your initial phone number.

Incoming calls:

Since this feature is present on all android users, the caller ID’s function equally. Anyone who attempts to call your phone must be aware that the Caller ID will automatically displays the phone number if you of that person simply because his/her contact is not yet saved in your android phone. Suppose you have saved the number, the name of the person will be displayed on your phone. One sure way of doing so is by changing the information in your contacts app to change or alter what appears on your screen.

Changing the order at which the person’s name is displayed when they make a call is one feature that is available. How you choose those names will depend on you. As an example, you can choose to have a name like “Nathan Kane” where it will only display the first name and not the surname. Similarly, we can have the surname as the first number and the first name as the second name as “Kane Nathan”.

To change this setting, proceed as follows. Click on the more icon on your screen and tap on the more options tab.

Some steps in to Change your caller ID on AT&T’s website.

One can still change their Caller ID name via AT&T’s website.

If you happen to that your number is saved in someone’s cellphone as a contact that little information won’t appear. Follow the steps below to change that Caller ID name.

  • Under Profile, click on the “Account users.”
  • From the drop down option, scroll down and Select your account.
  • Choose your number keenly.
  • Click on the Edit tab and enter the information you want to display.

Use My Verizon App

Use My Verizon App

  • To change your Caller ID using this app, one should:
  • Head straight away and tap the Account tab.
  • Next, click the manage device option for your mobile number.
  • You can now tap on “Share Name ID”.
  • You can then make some changes to the name andthen check the “I accept the Terms and Conditions”.
  • Click on the Update button on your screen.


Having looked at some of the ways in which you can change your Caller ID name on your android phone, its high time you implement those methods carefully.

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