How to Change Time Zone in Gmail

It is always a good idea to be in the same time zone as your customers. This way, you can send them notifications for events that apply to their local time, and they won’t have to worry about how it will affect how they’re feeling.

If you use Google’s Gmail service, then this article is perfect for you.

We’ll show how easy it is to change the time zone in Gmail so that you can work with people in other parts of the world without any problem.

How to Change Time Zone in Gmail

Google has a lot of great features and services, but how do you change the time zone in Gmail? It’s actually really easy.

This is a very easy process and it will take just a few minutes of your time. Once you have changed the time zone, all emails that are sent or received by you will be displayed with the correct date and time according to your new location.

You can easily change the timezone on your Gmail account by following a few simple steps.

Following Procedure:

1: First go to Gmail & sign in to your account

gmail log in

2: Click on the gear icon at the top left corner of your screen then click the “Calendar” icon.

click the “9 dots” icon then select the “Calendar” icon

3: After that, hit the “Settings” icon at the top, then select the “Settings” icon.

hit the “Settings” icon at the top, then select the “Settings” icon

4: Now, there is the current time zone, then click the “Primary Time Zone” option.

then click the “Primary Time Zone” option

5: Find the “Time Zone” tab, select your desired location, Now select the new time zone.

Find the "Time Zone" tab


You can change your Gmail time zone to match the time in another country. This is helpful if you are travelling and want all of your correspondence with friends back home to be on schedule, or if you work for a company that does international business.

If you have any more questions about changing time zone in Gmail, feel free to reach out to leave a comment below.

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