How to change android keyboard back to normal

Have you ever downloaded a new keyboard feature for your android phone? Assuming you had installed a new keyboard style/app in your phone and you are stuck on how you will restore your normal keyboard back, how will you do that?

Don’t worry, that’s why this article is going to help and guide you on how you will resume to your normal android keyboard.

If you still want to try a new keyboard app in your phone, you can install the app directly to your phone.

These are some of the steps you will follow to download the new keyboard:

  • On your phone, launch the google play store app.
  • To get the app, type the app’s name on the search bar to download the app.
  • From the list of keyboard apps, choose the app of your choice and hit the download option.
  • After downloading the app, proceed and install it in your android phone.

Since you have the app installed in your phone, it’s time you know how you will change that keyboard. These are the steps you will follow:

  • Tap on your settings app.
  • Scroll down through your settings options and click on System.
  • Once the options have been displayed on your screen, tap on Languages and input.
  • Since our androids may differ on the options they display when a pop-up option appears, scroll down and click on virtual keyboards to manage the keyboard.
  • Select the app you’ve downloaded from play store and click OK.
  • On the right corner of your phone’s screen, click on the keyboard icon to select it.

Under normal circumstances, people tend to forget how they can switch back to their normal keyboards. For this reason, the article is a full guide to your keyboard problem.

  • So, to restore your default keyboard, follow the steps below:
  • Go to your settings app in your phone.
  • Click on the system tab, on one of the options.
  • Choose Languages and input option.
  • Next, click on the default keyboard option.
  • To wind up, click the OK button.

The doors are open to anyone who might be facing any challenge regarding keyboard. For this case, anyone who might want to make his/her Gboard her default keyboard, follow the steps below:

  • Tap to open your settings app in your android phone.
  • Under settings options, click on general.
  • Move down the options and click Keyboard.
  • Click on the edit tab and drag Swiftkey to the dialog box list.


Having known how you can change your screen’s keyboard to a new keyboard, you can proceed and wind up with the last steps to return to default keyboard. With this guide, don’t panic.

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