How to call someone on Microsoft Teams

One of the prominent communication-based products is Microsoft Teams as it is widely used in various field such as education, business organization and for personal as use well. This product is launched first by the Microsoft under the Office 365 and now it can also be obtained as a standalone product.

This software has become very useful especially during this Covid-19 pandemic as it helps to keep people, workers and students connected from home. Microsoft Teams provide various types of communication channel such as making calls, live video calls, one to one chats and group chats etc.

Microsoft Teams allows the users to both audio call and video call another user or a group of users. This feature is vital especially when the operations in many fields are conducted online. Moreover, this method is considered cost-friendly compared to making ordinary calls.

This function can be both used in handphones and computers. Apart from that user can also make external calls using handphone contacts. Due to the multiple options provided by the Microsoft Teams communications are considered convenient with the Microsoft Teams. Here are few ways on how to call someone on Microsoft Teams.

Ways to start a Video call or Audio call

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams.
Step 2: Click the “Chat” option on the far left of the screen.
Step 3: Then click “New Chat” option.
Step 4: Next, type name, email address, group, or tag at the top of the new chat.
Step 5: Select “Video call” or “Audio call” option to start a call.

Ways to start a direct call

Ways to start a direct call

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams
Step 2: Click the “Calls” option on the far left of the screen.
Step 3: Then either choose “phone” or “Contacts” option.
Step 4: For the phone option type the name in the names space and click the “call” option below the name space.
Step 5: For the contacts option click the existing contacts or choose the “add contacts” option. Then type their name or number to add and start a call.

Most asked questions

Questions: What is the maximum number of people can be in the same call?

Answers: The maximum number of users that Microsoft Teams can accommodate in a call is 20 users.

Questions: How do I call in to a meeting using my phone?

Answers: First, click the meeting notice and get the phone number to dial in. Then click on the number to join the meeting.

Questions: Can I make one-on-one calls?

Answers: Yes, you can make direct calls, and this will be private from the team conversation.

The options provided by the Microsoft Teams to communicate with other users are very helpful and it is easy to use as well. Therefore, it has attracted many users, organizations, and companies to use this software for a daily basis communication platform.

This software allows productivity especially for companies and organizations as all the operations such as sharing files, texting and calls can be done in one software.

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