How to add money to Microsoft Account?

Microsoft is a well-known technology corporation with a line of successful products in the international market. This corporation produces a variety of technology-based products such as personal computers, computer software, tablets, and online stores with various apps etc.

These products are constantly updated and improved to be in line with the latest technology trend. In this article, we will be discussing how we can add cash to our Microsoft account. Microsoft account is a main page where all the subscribed products of Microsoft by a user can be managed in one place.

Therefore, check out the steps below to find out how you can add cash into your Microsoft Account as you can make payments through this account. The money in Microsoft account can be spent on apps, in-app purchases, and games etc. To purchase games, apps and games or to update games and apps using the Microsoft balance you can visit the Microsoft Store. 

Adding cash to Microsoft Account

Ensure your payment methods are current on your Microsoft account.
1. Go to the gift cards in the Microsoft Store choose the “Microsoft gift card” option. For more information on Microsoft gift Card see
2. In the drop-down menu, enter the amount of money you want to buy and add that amount to your cart.
3. Proceed with the checkout process.
4. Check if your name and email address are shown as the recipient and complete your purchase.
5. Confirm that you have received an email consisting of the gift code.
6. Then go to the redeem page in Microsoft account. Next, enter the code and click “Next” to proceed.
Once done the amount you have purchased would be added to your Microsoft Account.

Questions: What is Microsoft gift card?

Answers: Microsoft gift card allows users to buy apps, movies, and games etc.

Questions: Can I add to other person’s account?

Answers: Microsoft Account allows users to add money to other account. Check out this page

Questions: How can I add a gift card to my Microsoft account?

Answers: Login to you Family Safety Account and find your family member. Then, click the “add money” option and enter the amount of money you wish to transfer. Next click “Next” option to proceed and select the payment form.

Questions: Can I withdraw the money from my Microsoft account balance?

Answers: Microsoft Account does not support this request as the money cannot be transferred or withdrawn.

Questions: Can I transfer my gift cards to my family member?

Answers: Microsoft account gift cards are non-transferable.


Adding cash to Microsoft account is beneficial for those users who are active in purchasing apps and games in the online store. That is because you don’t have to frequently make transactions to buy apps and games, in-app purchases, or to update apps and games. Three methods are available in Microsoft account to add cash to the account which is through debit/credit cards, PayPal account, and mobile phones.

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