How to add another page on google docs?

When we write something in Google Docs when we finish writing on one page, we need to add another page down. But we often don’t know how to add it. There are many ways to add pages to Google Docs. In today’s article, we will learn how to add another page on google docs.

How to add another page on google docs?

Adding Google Docs pages is a very easy thing to do. You can take a number of pages at the bottom of a page at any time if you want.¬†We will highlight an important way in today’s article so that you can easily understand it.

Now we will see how it is possible. 3 methods are discussed below…

1st method

First of all, you need to open the Google Docs page. Then look at the page menu bar, there is an Insert option then click on the Insert button. how to add another page on google docs When you click on the Insert button, you can see a feature, there is an option called “Break”. You need to click on it. Now you move the mouse pointer over the “Break option, another feature comes out. This feature has an option called “Page Break”. Then you have to click on it. how to add another page on google docs2That’s it.

2nd method

You can use a second method to add pages in Google Docs. First, you have to open the Google Docs page, then you need to click the last line of the number of lines written there. Then press the Enter button on the keyboard a few times until the second page is to add another page on google docs3

3rd method

Or you can press the Ctrl+Enter button on your keyboard.

After reading this article, you will be able to add as many pages as you like to Google Docs. You can also read this: How to delete extra page in google docs?


If you follow the above instructions in a good way then there will be no problem. The instructions are very well presented in our article. If you like our article, you can comment.

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