How to add a hanging indent in google docs?

We all know that Google Docs is a useful medium for content writing. We can write a lot of things through it. You can use it very easily if you want and it can do the writing work you need Now, we are going to learn how to add a hanging indent in google docs. So let’s get started.

How to add a hanging indent in google docs?

Using Google Docs is a simple matter. Google Docs is very easy to use if you understand it because there are many ways you can use it.

Using Google Docs you can write any kind of information in it and you can write the article of your choice.

  1. If you want to add a hanging indent in google docs, first, you have to open the document in Google Docs. And then go there and you will see that there is a Format button, you have to click to add a hanging indent in google docs-1
  2. Then when you click on the format you will see there is an option called Align & to add a hanging indent in google docs-2
    When you move your mouse cursor there you will see another tab “Indentation options”. You click on it.
  3. When you click on the”Indentation options”, you will see another feature. There will be left, right options and there will be an option called the Special indent option.
  4. After clicking on Special Indent, you will see a feature. There is a “hanging” option. After clicking there, click on Apply button.

Your work is done. You can use Google Docs very easily if you want. You can also read this guide: How to turn off suggestions on google docs?


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