How to add a footnote in google docs?

Google Docs is as easy to save as it is to write. We can write any type of text in Google Docs if we want. And we can write there different types of footnotes in it. Now I will show you “How to add a footnote in google docs?” Writing footnotes is not a difficult task on Google Docs.

How to add a footnote in google docs?

You may think that this is a very difficult task but it is not difficult at all. You can easily do this by looking at the screenshots we will show below.

Open the page where you want to write the footnote and select the place where you want to take the footnote. Then look at the toolbar in Google Docs. You can see there are many options.

This feature has an option called Insert. how to add a footnote in google docsinsert-minNow you need to click on it. When you click on the Insert button with the mouse pointer, a feature will come out. At that feature, there is an option called to add a footnote in google docs-min Click on that footnote option then keep typing there as you wish. Or you can add a footnote on your Google docs by clicking the Ctrl + Alt + F button on your to add a footnote in google docs-minctrl-min

When we write something in Google Docs we need to add some footnotes to it. But many of us don’t know how to write it in Google Docs. Now if you can read our article well and follow its instructions then you can easily add a footnote in google docs. Because adding footnotes is not a very difficult task. You can do it in Google Docs if you want. That’s it for this time.

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