How do I restore the keyboard on my android phone?

As you all know, android phones don’t have an external keyboard like PC’s. Have you ever lost your keyboard while typing a text or when dialing a number? This is a common problem to all android users. Still wondering how you will restore that keyboard on an android phone? Don’t worry; this article is going to guide you on how you can restore that keyboard.

How to return to default keyboard

Don’t ever panic when your keyboard disappears while you are typing something important, you can solve this problem in a span of 2 minutes and resume with your typing. Below is a short and precise list of steps that will help to guide you:

  • Open your phone settings app.
  • Scroll up and down the options and click “System”.
  • There are some options that will pop up on your screen, next you tap on the “Languages and Input”.
  • Proceed and click “On screen” keyboard option to choose the type of keyboard you want to use.

Having known how to change keyboard has opened another door that we should have a look at. You should as well be aware of what reasons might have caused the phone’s keyboard to disappear suddenly.

Why your phone’s keyboard disappeared?

Why your phone’s keyboard disappeared

In most cases, it’s not a normal for a keyboard to just disappear in your phone. There must be a reason behind all this. A lot of people, who have managed to share their experience about this problem, testify that their keyboard was changed from the default to a new one.

Here is the most common default keyboards present in your android phones:

  • This type of keyboard is broadly and widely used by many android users because of its swipe type and voice typing features
  • Grammarly Keyboard.This is the perfect keyboard especially when you need help in the grammar part by pointingout all the grammatical errors in your text. Its demerit is that it does not have the voice typing feature.
  • Voice Typing.
  • Swipe Keyboard. This type of keyboard is greatly used by this generation; especially the youths use this keyboard. This is because of the inbuilt GIFs, emojis and the swipe-type feature. Just like the Grammarly keyboard, it does not have the voice typing feature.
  • Swift Key Keyboard. This type of keyboard has all the features of Gboard but it’s still lighter and faster.

Among the options listed above, the standard keyboard is usually swapped with Gboard keyboard.


A mobile phone without any keyboard feature/type is useless. Having known how to restore the keyboard on your device has given you the opportunity to fix that problem once it appears.

If you prefer to download a new keyboard for your android, go to Google Playstore and look for a suitable keyboard. Make sure you are careful while downloading it, and confirm if it’s from a trusted source.

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