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About Tricksgate.com

Tricksgate.com is a blog that publishes various software tricks, user guide like photoshop tips and tricks, ms word ticks. The technology industry has given us many new tools to help improve our lives and make them easier than ever before.

But there are times when we get stuck on something really simple or don’t know how to do something with the newest program update. That’s where Tricksgate comes in – saving you time by sharing tutorials for popular programs like Photoshop, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more!

About Authors

1. Jon M. Bayless

Jon M. Bayless

Jon M. Bayless is a graphic designer who loves to share his photoshop tricks on the website he created, called Trick Gate. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has mastered many of Photoshop’s features. His favorite thing about what he does is meeting new people every day – there are so many different personalities in this world, all with their own unique strengths!

2. Charlie M. Patton

Charlie M. Patton is a content writer and blogger who loves to share tricks about Microsoft Office, Excel, Google Docs. He has vast experience in using different versions of MS word, Excel, PowerPoint and other related software. Charlie M. Patton also shares tips on how to use the latest version of Google Docs which is still being developed by developers at google!